7 Day Vegetarian Starter Kit

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    Martha Theus (Author)

    I like Martha. She seems like the kind of person I would sit down with and have at my house for a meal. She comes across as being totally authentic. She's encouraging, but not preachy, idealist and yet realistic. Very likeable, indeed. I will say this, the content is all black and white, which isn't extremely attractive, but you can actually read most of the content on her site. I can't post the link, becuase it will get deleted, but it has these words in it: 21st centery vegetarian.

    What I liked:

    Her attitude and simple approach.
    There's no hint of "more vegetarian than thou" in her attitude, which is refreshing.
    The recipes really do look easy and delicious.
    There are lots of great resources listed at the back.
    There are free video clips available on her site, as well as her full sized recipe book.
    She explains briefly why her convictions led her to eat this way without shoving it down your throat.
    The photos of her and her husband spanning 25 years should testify to the benefits of this lifestyle. They both look like they've hardly aged.

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